Entrepreneurs with the community

Entrepreneurs with the community

Entrepreneurs with the community 5066 3377 Fondazione Comunitaria

The civil relevance of entrepreneurial action is under everyone’s eyes. The good entrepreneur is the one who takes care of his business and his community. Its task does not end with the creation of economic value. Efficiency, respecting the principles of social and environmental sustainability, in addition to being the engine of a well-organized company and thus profitable, becomes at the same time a criterion of social justice.
In a healthy and open economy, economic value must also translate into good quality of life and trigger the process of social inclusion.

The Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani has therefore decided to promote the “entrepreneurs with the community” fund aimed at attracting the interest and participation of companies, entrepreneurs and managers on a multi-year project to support socially responsible youth enterprises.

The objective of this action is to concretely affect the employability of young people through support, with various tools, to work and entrepreneurship. This is the most urgent challenge, which concerns not only economic sustenance, but rather the dignity of the human person.

Having financial resources is certainly important but it is even more important to have the attention and interest of competent people and with a strategic vision of socio-economic development that can help us expand the impact of our efforts to achieve these goals.

With the help of donations from entrepreneurs and companies we will continue to do our best to improve the quality of life of our communities.

Contact us for more information or make a donation immediately.

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